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Dog - And a Pit Bull in Size 6 Shoes

Dog: The more I watch Dog: The Bounty Hunter, the more I like and respect Dog and his family. They truly do live what they believe.

Politics: So I hear President Bush has nominated Harriet Miers, apparently his personal attorney, to the Supreme Court.

I have to ask myself, what in the world is he thinking, nominating a White House insider? It's insane. That's just an open invitation for the entire Democrat contingent of the Senate to vote against her--and quite possibly most of the Republicans, too.

When even as die-hard and fanatical a conservative as Ann Coulter thinks this pick is a lousy choice, you really have to wonder. I believe Bush should have made his selection a lot farther afield.

There's much to be said for going with one's gut, but you have to consider more than one thing when doing that. It may be Bush's gut instinct that this lady would make a good Supreme Court justice. But he's forgetting a lot of political realities, as far as I can see.

Normally, I think he's a somewhat cagey guy, but today, I have to wonder, WTF?

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