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Diabetes Cure or Snake Oil?

Medicine: When I got home from work today, I saw on the television an ad by a doctor named Chappell. He's trying to sell his book, A Promise Made, A Promise Kept, which purports to describe an herbal cure for diabetes.

I have to admit, I'm very curious. My mother came down with Tpe I diabetes at age 12. She has since developed diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy of her fingers to the extent that she can't do macrame anymore. Back in 1977, when she went blind, no new research at all was being done into treatments for diabetic retinopathy.

In my line of work--to me--diabetic retinopathy is a synonym for 'eyesight circling the drain..' I am uncertain how true this is, but from what I have seen, DR gets worse, and it is very difficult to adequately correct for with low vision aids. First, the vitreous fluid gets filled with blood; second, the retina tends to detach, and attempts to reattach it are often unsuccessful, as was the case with my Mom.

Now, I am not some person desperately seeking a cure and willing to believe anything I'm told. I would find it very surprising if type I diabetes could be cured with herbs, though I admit the possibility that type 2 could, as it can be controlled by diet in some cases.

But I am very curious as to what herbs this doctor recommends, and despite everything, I'd still love to try it out on my Mom, just on the off-chance that some part of this herbal stuff is efficacious. I mean, if it really did adequately treat diabetes, this herbal remedy would be one of the hottest-selling items on the market, sold as a drug, and be prescribed by endocrinologists everywhere.

Also, the commercial left a lot of unanswered questions. Does this remedy cure both main types of diabetes, or only certain kinds? Does it in truth reverse damage or only halt further damage? To what degree does reversal, occur, if it does occur? How advanced a case of diabetes can it treat? Somehow, I have a feeling that the directions on the bottle say, "These herbs, along with diet and exercise, can help treat diabetes."

In all likelihood, it's snake oil. Doesn't stop my curiosity, though.

Dinner: Only one complaint about the chicken and stuffing we had for dinner tonight: Needs More Stuffing! I'm incorrigible; I could eat a bowl of just the stuffing. Let the poor chicken live. (g)

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