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Losers Weepers

Work: This morning, the Big Boss walked by my desk and told me he had a lot of received PO's in his action list from the vacant IL caseload, and would I please collect these PO's and bring them to his office so he could look over the paperwork to verify that everything was as it should be before he authorized payment.

So I said, "Yes, sir" and went to the brown accordion file where I keep all of the purchase orders which have been matched with invoices.

The PO's he wanted weren't there.

Time to die a small death and cover it up by frantic, muttered cussing to myself as I hunted through the file folders on my desk. I couldn't find these matched PO's annywhere, and as far as I'm concerned, I should have been able to lay hands on them inside of five minutes and had them in the Big Boss' office by six minutes.

It's bad to lose an invoice that has been matched with a purchase order; it's so flaming incompetent.

Finally, around 3pm, I remembered what I had done with them. I'd hurriedly stuffed them into a drawer last Wednesday because we were told to leave two hours early, which meant that I had to back up my computer files right then and had to clear off my desk and secure everything in a great rush.

I was so relieved to find those things. I didn't want to have been so careless and irresponsible as to have lost them. On the upside, I was able to greatly reduce the Boss' payment actions while looking for the missing PO's, so that was good. I whittled it down from 11 to five.

But God, I never want to have something like that happen again; it is so slipshod.

Tomorrow, I have five purchase orders to generate, plus I need to enter a couple of eye reports into our tracking system. And then I have to start investigating why we have two purchase orders still outstanding from June.

Serenity: In two days, the world will get to see that the phrase, "Can't stop the signal." is not some cutesy advertising slogan. It is a declaration that holds significant meaning. I can't wait!

The Bod: Crap. I think I really need to ask my doctor to have a look at this bump or knot on my elbow. *frowns* I think it's just a calcium deposit, because my Grandpa Smith has them. But I'd like to be sure. I'd also like it off, because it's starting to hurt if I lean my forearm against my desk when I lean forward to read the computer screen. Meaning, I lean on my forearm a lot. *grumbles*

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