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Magnificent Desolation

We're going off to see the 1 o'clock showing of Magnificent Desolation. I'm looking forward to this!

Edit: Magnificent Desolation was wonderful! Tom Hanks narrates it, with Morgan Freeman and various other actors reading quotes from various Apollo astronauts. Mark and I both wore our 'Return to the Moon' t-shirts there. Have an agenda, us? Nahhhh. The Imax film is in 3D, so expect some blurriness and image doubling if you don't have binocular vision. The movie is still very worth seeing.

I managed to pretty up my ta_paulgraves journal for Two Alleys. I like that 'Novel Conundrum' style. Very elegant, and not the typical LJ look.

Houston is slowly coming back to life after the mass exodus. At last!

Two Alleys: I wanted to have Paul and Seth live in a smaller place this time around than they had in SPH. So I went hunting around in Google Images for manors in Gloucestershire, to find something that could be Arbour Grove.

It's sad when you're looking at English manors and realizing that their names are familiar to you because your character lives in that county. As an aside, someone has bought Chipping Campden Manor. *pout* Not that I could ever afford to buy such a lovely place, but... *sigh*

So what manor did Paul and Seth wind up in?

Charingworth Manor. *buries face in hands* It looks as huge as Mickleton Manor (aka Gravesend in SPH), and it has 26 rooms. But it's so beautiful! Oh well, at least there will be plenty of room for the Ordo Ravus to meet in. Paul could even have a lab at home, if he wanted one. Geeze.

I also feel wistful that all of these beautiful, old homes are being turned into hotels, rather than being used primarily as family residences. I know the taxes on them are very high, so it is necessary to use them for businesses, but it still seems a shame to have to convert the architecture and so on from the historic original, and I guess I have a somewhat romantic enjoyment of the idea that there were people wealthy enough to afford or need such large homes. Silly, of me, I guess. Ick.

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