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Dream: She Takes Off Her Sandals

(Night of September 23, 2005)

I dreamed that I both was and was watching a Chinese man fighting another Chinese man with a staff. It was a weird-looking weapon, made of two curved lengths of wood which snapped together to form the weapon. Put together, the thing looked like a long, narrow oval with straight lengths of wood jutting out where on either end, where the arcs met.

I was fighting this man for the sake of a woman who I valued and respected deeply. At some point during the combat I was mortally wounded, and I began falling to the floor. Before I died, I was determined to explain to my opponent why I had fought so hard for this woman, and I told him, "She takes off her sandals and dances in the sunlight."

The 'taking off her sandals' was a metaphor for the fact that the woman had traveled (or gone through much travail) and had reached her destination (or perhaps had attained the wisdom she had been seeking). I felt very spiritually uplifted by this.

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