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July 2019
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Yes, you heard that right. I have found a fictional character (aside from Voldemort) who alarms Paul Graves.

The character is Rumail Deslucido from the Darkover novel, The Fall of Neskaya.

There's a scene in the opening chapters of that book in which Rumail, under the guise of assessing a boy named Coryn Leynier for a type of sickness that strikes Darkoven telepaths at puberty, does something else to him.

It involves making a midline incision in Coryn's astral body and inserting astral images of a handkerchief belonging to Coryn's mother, a strand of Coryn's hair, and a strand of Rumail's own hair, in Coryn's astral body cavity and then 'suturing' him up.

When I finished reading the scene, I thought, "Well, that was different." The little Paul in my head was whinging. "What is he doing? Why is he doing that? I do not like this at all!"

It looks to me as if Rumail is devising a way to exercise control over Coryn, but why? Judging from the chapter I'm now reading, I am about to find out.

*happy sigh* It's always fun when Paul is disturbed. :) *cackles evilly*

Little-known factoid about Paul--I based his use of legilimency on Darkover's use of the Overworld, because it makes more sense to me than the way Rowling does telepathy.

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