September 21st, 2011


Tonight on Television

Criminal Minds: Tonight starts the new season of Criminal Minds. Hurray!!!! A. J. Cook and Paget Brewster are back. Double-hurray!!!

And they're manning up Reed. Excellent! Long overdue.

*giggles* that Aaron's son is not a fan of the beard. :D

And Hotchner! Man, when Aaron Hotchner says, "No one leaves here." he's not playing around.

Commercials: Best, most understated line in a commercial: "My daughter goes to business school."

Life: Doctor's appointment tomorrow, for which I am to be n.p.o. I hate bloodwork. But maybe she can figure out why my throat has been sore since Sept. 6 (or whenever the fires in Texas started).

Work: I got the entire Fall Funfest mail-out completed for both caseloads and entered almost all of the mail-out case notes for both caseloads today. Tomorrow, I have to make the changes my team decided upon for our program's master ZIP code list.

Books: I'm waiting for payday, so I can order a book recommended by Jodi Meadows here on LJ.

Not much else to report. I'm going to see if I can get some writing done tonight.