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September 2019
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On the Bus: This older fellow was chatting with the bus driver, and I overheard him say this:

I like to rhyme;
Do it all the time.
It ain't no crime,
But it's never earned me a dime.

Life: Today, I wore the first of the four shirts I talked about in this post. It isn't either of the two that I was trying to decide between; it's the one Aerden would have picked if I'd 'consulted' him--lots of teal in it. :)

Current Book: I am currently reading Mystics and Zen Masters by Thomas Merton. I'm still in chapter 1, but it's very interesting, so far. I'm eager to get to his chapter about the English mystics.

Writing: I'm working on something with baghdaelf and am trying to come up with an idea for a StarRise story between myself and vdansk featuring our characters Alissi and Taveera. I don't want to do a silly story; I want it to be about something important but not dire drama. I'm thinking an investigation of something, or brainstorming ways to improve tithes to the Weyr, or something similar.

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Larry the Cable Guy talking--always fun!
Jump back March 29th, 2011 Go forward