February 26th, 2010


Writer's Block: Cold turkey tremors

What is the longest, uninterrupted stretch you've stayed offline (without mobile access either)? How soon did you suffer withdrawal pains? Did you find it liberating?

It was during Hurricane Ike in 2008, when we had no power for over two weeks, and our only Internet access was for two hours a day at the local library, but only after several days of no access at all.

I found it very liberating! Even though I love the TV and the computer, I also very much loved not having access to them. Life was peaceful. We went to bed at 9pm every night, together, and we went to sleep or talked; it wasn't me lying in bed trying to sleep while the computer was being used. We didn't keep the radio going all day, because we needed to conserve the battery. We couldn't have the TV on. Things were quiet. It was blissful. :) I can't wait for the next hurricane.

If I could have all that, with water and air conditioning, that'd be perfect.