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Today, I read this article by Michelle Malkin while drinking my morning Earl Grey. I agree with it. I'm actually surprised that anyone is blaming any people other than Amy Bishop and Joseph Stack for murdering three fellow college professors and for crashing a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, which resulted in two innocent deaths, along with the pilot's death. Maybe I'm just naive?

The thoughtless political rancor when it comes to disasters is getting a bit ridiculous, and it ought to stop. Amy Bishop and Joseph Stack are the sole people responsible for their criminal acts.

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SPH Hehe! I forgot to mention on February 17, but it was my character Seth's 30th birthday.

Yeah--Seth William Graves is now thirty--and so are many of the rest of his graduating class at Hogwarts. Man, it's too bad we can't do a "Where are they now?" SPH redux. Could be fun!

I wonder if he has sprogged? *innocent look*

*sprogged: Fictional character having children.

1. How to Remove Jammed Paper from a Copier:

"Apply equal pressure to both sides, and pull." --Mr. Spock to Dr. McCoy, in "Patterns of Force"

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