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My friend Donna just got a call from a friend of hers living in Vallejo, California. She said some sea lions which typically gather near Pier 39 near them have left, all but 19, and their pet cats are clumping together. The last time either of these two events happened, there was an earthquake. I mentioned this to Mark, and he said there were tremors in California, this morning.

This could, however, simply be normal tremors cuased by gravity from the Sun and the Moon. We're due to have a blue moon and a partial eclipse on New Year's Eve.

I hope it will not be too severe.

Edit: I just found this article regarding the sea lions. Their reduced numbers in this season might not be so much of a herald of danger, after all. I'll wait and see. I know a lot of tremors have been occurring in Baja, so...maybe an earthquake is imminent, maybe not.

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Jump back December 30th, 2009 Go forward