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While exploring Schwab for likely stocks to invest in, I came across a company named Turner Valley Oil and Gas (TVOG). Oil and gas sounded like a possible good investment, so I checked out their Schwab page.

Sheesh! The stock was priced at $0.001. From a look at the day's activity graph, it looked like some fool had bought enough of the stock at $0.0008 to push the price up to $0.001.

I can't even imagine buying a stock that is that close to flat-lining. *shakes head* Some penny stocks do make money, but most are wildly risky investments.

Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

My fantasy RPG character tarran_glennis would want to take woodworking lessons from the author of the article below. It's by Franklyn Gallup and describes how to inlay a quilt design into a wood floor.

How to Create a Quilt Pattern Design in a Wood Floor

The design is beautiful and intricate.

Current Mood: creativecrafty
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