July 20th, 2009


Dear Opera Singer

Dear Opera Singer from YouTube Video,

If you're going to sing Micaela's aria from Carmen as an orchestral recital-type piece, you are either going to have to look like Micaela all the way or look like an elegant opera singer all the way.

Coming onstage in the evening gown and jewelry but with hair that looks like you rolled out of bed five minutes before coming onstage and had no time to brush it or put on more make-up than lipstick doesn't work. If your hair is so layered that you can't pin it up in a bun without little wisps of it hanging loose everywhere--don't pin it up; just wear it loose. Please.



* * *

And apparently, my teacher thinks I have a great, big voice hidden in me somewhere, because this is the aria I'll be singing for next year's NATS. *whimpers* In the meantime, Leontina Vaduva is my goddess.

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