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I'm ineligible to donate platelets or white blood cells because I take a maintenance antibiotic. This might disqualify me from donating blood, period. :(


Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

Supper: Tonight's supper is a couple of pita sandwiches made with whole-wheat pita bread, fake (*sigh*) Kraft Swiss cheese slices, sliced honey ham, and basil pesto, heated in the microwave and washed down wth a bottle of Budweiser Light Lime. Yeah, I know, the beer is sacrilege, but I do like lime and lager, and I don't have any Tequiza.

Coven: We celebrated Cary's birthday at the Hollywood Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant on Montrose. The food was excellen, and so was their dessert list--two full pages of desserts, the chocolate page and the non-chocolate page. I indulged in a yummy, creamy thing called a Beethoven--and yes, I would have happily sung "Ode to Joy" over it, it was so delicious.

There were ten of us there, and we had a lovely time eating Vietnamese food and chatting. Cary got a calligraphy pen set and inks, which should be very useful to her in the SCA. I presume they'll start asking her to do up awards and so forth.

She received a couple of necklaces, and I gave her a lavender reed diffuser. I love those things, and they work surprisingly well. I might bring one to my office.

Nova Roma: The Comitia Centuriata election is over. Yea! I've turned in my final tally, and it's now up to the custodes to break the ties in each century and announce a final result.

Writing: I can now go back to working on "Resistance" and other projets. Hurray! I hear The Archon of Gloucester calling my name.

I need to wash my hair, tonight.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
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