May 26th, 2009

I reside in her mind.

Memorial Day Weekend Update

Writing: I spent most of this past weekend working on "Resistance," a Potterverse short story dealing with issues surrounding what the DE did to Frank and Alice Longbottom. It is longer than I expected--an astonishing 21 pages in 12-pt. type, at last count, and I am not yet finished. The last word count I did yielded 5,129 words. I am flabbergasted.

It bothers me a little, to be writing such a long fan fiction piece. I know fans commonly write novels these days, not mere stories. They post them by the chapter in the various fan fiction archives. But my goal has always been professional publication, so spending so much time and energy on a piece that can never see the professional light of day is irksome. I never expected it to be longer than about 2000 words. It being more than twice that is just mind-boggling and strikes some corner of my brain as a supreme waste of time.

But I really, really want to write this, so... I will write just about anything if it has Paul Graves in it. *rolls eyes* Oh, great. Now Aerden's jealous.

I will be posting it at Harry Potter Fan when I am done. I'll request beta-readers before posting it to the site. I jumped the gun a little, last week; I thought I'd complete the story over this past weekend.

Paul is mildly irritated that Frank Longbottom saved the story, not he. And Frank keeps wanting to ask Paul and Bellatrix, "So, how long have you two been divorced?"
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Career Potential

So I wonder--What would I need to do, to start up a successful home business proofreading and correcting English errors in people's websites?

I see so many spelling and grammatical errors on the Web, and I itch to correct them--especially when they're on sites I care about.
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My Wimpiness and Paul's Insistence on Perfection

I have decided to learn Latin.

Partly, this is because I belong to a couple of historical groups devoted to the study of ancient Rome, and having the members become familiar with Latin is a goal of at least one of those groups.

The other, and maybe bigger, reason is because of the little Paul Graves in my head.

It is frightening how happy I feel about having made this decision--because I know that part of my joy is caused by this fictional character who is ecstatic that, at last, he will be able to ensure that his Latin is correct when he casts spells, no matter how J. K. Rowling writes them in canon.


I'm going to need Paul's tenacity, too, because I don't have it. There will come a time when I'll whine to myself that "This is too much work. I don't really need to know all of this Latin. There are other things I need to be doing. I'd rather write. Or watch TV. Or sleep. I don't wanna!"

So this is fair warning, Mr. Graves: You'd better be there when I start slacking off, as I inevitably will. I can't do this without you. This is a big, big commitment of time and effort, and I tend to work in little spurts. This will take years. So don't you dare disappear from me for a week, the way you did after you killed Cicuta--you hear me?

Your commitment to perfection had better be really, really strong, if you're so determined to drag me into it.

I'm afraid to even ask how the DSM-IV would classify my mental state. I probably sound like I'm in deep denial of the strength of my own desires and trying to avoid all responsibility for my choice. Oh, yes--and scared of failure, too.

Or maybe I just have multiple personality disorder without dissociation. Yeah, that sounds about right.
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