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Back in the 90's, I was part of a large collaborative writing project with some other Pern writers, mainly people from Fort 9 and Sable Weyr--classic Sable Weyr. We decided we were tired of writing Pern and wanted to create our own shared world.

We wanted to write stories which were somewhat like Pern in the dramatic set-up (heroes who were looked askance at by the 'normal' society), but we also wanted villains who had more personality than Thread. And we wanted them to be really villainous. Our vortecien mages would have wiped the floor up with the Death-Eaters. They were what the DE could not be because the DE were written for a series of children's books. You might not want to meet Bellatrix LeStrange. You don't ever want to meet a vortecien.

We had developed a really neat, intricate, complex, and full-bodied world, with the Cadre of cavaliers (read 'dragonriders') and their enemies, the vorteciens, and all sorts of internecine politicking going on among the characters.

And now, some death-metal rock band has taken the name of our anthology and used it as the title for one of their songs. I read the lyrics. I can't even begin to convey my revulsion. Ick, ick, ick.

I hate having the name of something I loved be turned into something nauseating.

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We have more personality than Thread!

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Gah! Where are all of the Pern filksongs I wrote ages ago? They must be here, someplace!

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