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November 2019
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Food: Pork fajitas! Flour totilas stuffed with sliced pork tenderlois, guacamole, and grated asiago cheese. Dee-licious!

I have decided. Pern needs guacamole.

Work: No desk since last Thursday, when they took away the old one, preparatory to bringing a new one in. My computer is unhooked and must be hooked back up to the CCTV, to function. I hate working out of a suitcase. I can read email and print, but only on two separate computers. Bleah.

Voice Lesson: was good today. We're doing some brush-up on basics before I start learning new pieces.

Chia-Wen Bonbright, my accompanist for the NATS audition, is a member of Trio Formosan, a group that plays a variety of chamber music by Western and Oriental composers. Mark and I plan to attend one of her concerts in May. The trio plays violin, cello, and piano.

And More Food!: I will be taking Mark out to dinner on April 30, which is the night when participating local restaurants in Dining Out for Life will doneate 30% of their earnings to AIDS research.

Current Mood: fullfull
Jump back April 14th, 2009 Go forward