March 18th, 2009


Wednesday Update

I'm feeling much better, today. Mark and I bought a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream Mint Chocllate flavor, and we drank some of that over ice, last night. It was good.

I just heard this morning that actress Natasha Richardson, wife of Liam Neeson, has suffered a head injury during a skiing class and might be brain-dead. This is a shock. I had used Richardson as the body-model for Narcissa Malfoy when I played her in a Harry Potter RPG a year or so ago. The journal is bth_narcissam.

Edit: They have taken her off life-support.

That brings up a question: What do they do in celebrity-based RPG's when the real celebrity dies?

I'm continuing to work on The Archon of Gloucester. I think I'll be ready to resume writing soon.

I have no voice lesson this week because it's spring Break, and my teacher is taking the week off to do things with her family. She has two young children. :) I've got my pieces learned, so now I just have to keep practicing them and work on rolling my R's. Rolling my R's does not come naturally to me.

My Aunt Frances had to be taken to the emergency room Monday night because of abdominal pain. I haven't see any updates yet as to what that was all about. I hope she didn't have to be in the ER waiting room for seven hours. Waiting in the ER is so tiresome.

Edit: I just got off the phone with my Dad. They drained four liters of fluit from Aunt Frances, yesterday. The mind boggles. She's a small, thin woman, and that is a lot of fluid. Sheesh!

Not much else going on, except that I'd rather be at home taking a nap.

"You Stay Here" by Richard Shindell

This is an incredible, powerful song that tells a story without ever explaining the background situation; you just figure it out as the song proceeds. Utterly compelling.

Content warning for grimness.

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To lighten the mood, here's the preceding bit, where he forgot the words!

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