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I stopped by Randall's on the way home and bought myself an herb salad and some fresh blueberries. The blueberries taste great! I've been avoiding blueberries for a while, because the last batch of them that I bought had quite a few mushy ones in it. But so far, this batch is all good and firm. Delicious! I can eat them like popcorn.

Lent: For Lent this year, I am giving up chocolate and beer. I am moderating my cheese consumption to just what is on sandwiches or is a normal part of food, not buying tubs of cheese spread or blocks of gourmet cheese for gaming. I'm also moderating my consumption of potato chips. We'll see how much weight I can take off. I'm also avoiding soft drinks--I've gone over to drinking lemon-flavored Propel water and those On the Go flavor tubes for bottled water.

I went to church yesterday evening in hopes of attending Ash Wednesday mass, but no mass was going on when I arrived, and I wanted to get on home.

On Monday, I move from the Independent Living Program at work to the Children's Program. Should be interesting, going from one extreme of the age range to the other.

Current Music: "Deh, vieni, non tardar" - Mozart
Jump back February 26th, 2009 Go forward