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I was reading over some old RPG posts in sp_gravesfamily last night, and I was struck by the extreme differences between how Paul would say some things and how I would say them.

This is not new; I purposely set out to write Paul's speech so that it would be completely different from mine. I think what struck me was how...naturally it seemed to flow. It never sounded stilted to me, though I can't judge its effect on other people. It still amazes me, though. Where did I come up with turns of phrase like these?:

"...Oherwise, I shall have bought two Renoirs for nought but the pleasure of owning them." and

Current Mood: curiouscurious

According to my Weather Pixie, it's 61 degrees F. outside. Just a tad cold, espceially if there's wind. It's pretty out, though. Nice change from all the heavy, cloudy skies we've had for the past few days.

Someone had pizza. We can smell it all through our office. Mmmm! And people who remind me that pizza is fattening are evil! (g)

I'll see if I can work on The Archon of Gloucester tonight, as we aren't going to see a movie.

Gaming tomorrow. Yea! We'll also be going to see my Aunt Frances before we shop for gaming goodies. She seems to be making great improvement in her physical therapy. She's still frustrated by the difficulty she feels she has speaking, but when I've spoken to her, I noticed very little impairment.

Current Mood: goodgood

Happy Birthday, dsgood! :)

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