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July 2019
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Movie: Mark, Tom, and I saw Taken tonight. It was every bit as action-packed as I expected. Liam Neeson's character Brian Mills is wonderfully understated, except when he's beating up on the bad guys--who richly deserved most of what happened to them. Interestingly, he employs a tactic that I just saw used on Burn Notice, though in a slightly different way. It operates on the same principle, though. It's basically a way to convince your subject that you really will hurt them if they don't cooperate. Ruthless, but effective.

I enjoyed it. :)

Superbowl 43: I am rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers--because they used to be the rivals of the Houston Oilers, my home team, before they were moved to Tennessee and became the Titans.

Supper: We ate supper at Fuddrucker's, where I had their Firehouse boneless buffalo wings (very hot!) and sweet potato fries (liberally drizzled with cheese sauce). Yum!

News: So this woman who gave birth to octets already has six older children. WTF?! Utterly inexplicable and insane. Why in hell was she given fertility treatments when she obviously has no difficulties bearing children?

Current Mood: awakeawake
Jump back January 30th, 2009 Go forward