January 4th, 2009


Awakening in the Night

Ugh. I've just woken up with bitter, horrid-tasting acid in the back of my throat and massive stomach ache. Weird how I could taste the acid, even though it didn't touch my tongue, as far as I know.

Dream, the night of 01/03/2009: I dreamed that we were taking my Grandpa Smith to the doctor's for a routine physical and that he had outlived my Grandma. I am interested to note that, in the dream, I remembered the correct vowel pronunciation of the word 'bruits,' even though, in the dream, I spelled it as 'Ruis.'

Bleah. I want to go back to bed, but my stomach still hurts. It's one of these 'I want to throw up, but my body isn't willing' sort of things.

It's too early in the morning to try writing anything right now.

Twitter: Okayyy...So LoudTwitter is sending tweets to my journal, but they're not my tweets. That's bizarre. How the heck do I fix that? I've never even heard of Streamweaver.
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Today's Word Count

Today, I added 1694 words to The Archon of Gloucester, bringing its cumulative total to 4225 words.

Hey, at the rate of 750 words a night, I could now take a vacation day, if I wanted. (g) But I don't want.

Off to Randall's to buy some Clementine oranges to take to ritual, then time for dinner and off to ritual. Bye!
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