January 1st, 2009


New Year's Day 2009

Happy New Year!

I slept until 10:40, this morning. I hate doing that. *sigh*

Imperial Secrets/LJ: Role-playing game stuff follows; feel free to ignore.

I'm thinking about moving the contents of both of my IMS journals--myradin and tarran_glennis into my musevoices journal. I visited Myradin's journal last night and discovered that it now contains advertising, even though it is a Basic account purchased long before the current owners of LJ bought the company, much less decided to eliminate Basic accounts.

Since it and Tarran's account are no longer what Brad intended them to be and no longer what I wanted, I don't see a reason to keep them. I might as well move them to musevoices and set up links to a couple of tag pages for them. Or maybe I could even put all of the posts in chronological order, so that what happens to Tarran occurs in the correct place, in relation to what happens to Myradin.

In other words, the post in which Tarran rises from the dead would occur immediately after the Myradin/Ilena post in which Myradin awakens from the coma, the day after Siomhalor.

Or would that just confuse anybody reading the thing who isn't familiar with the story? I guess this is a writing challenge that I must learn to resolve.

It really is too bad that we never wrote Imperial Secrets, the novel, even though I know it would have been a legal headache.

Writing: I am itching to write things for The Archon of Gloucester, even though I am not at all prepared to do so. Come on, brain--I don't even have the story plotted, yet. Why do you want me to start writing? Just because I have free time today? *sighs*

New Year's Resolutions

I'm taking a page from perimyndith's book

1. I will write every day, and I will finish what I write.

To which I am adding the following corollary:

Interactive fiction doesn't count toward this. StarRise stories don't count toward this. Writing in LiveJournal doesn't count toward this.

2. I will concentrate on writing The Hand of Vengeance and The Archon of Gloucester this year. I will finish one or both of them this year, and then I will begin submitting them for publication.

3. I will work toward getting the house cleaned. I anticipate this to be a large job, so I'm not going to promise to be finished within the year. I know me. I'd rather write a novel than clean house.

4. Call my friends more often.

Those are the main things I want to concentrate on.

Bedlam Party: This year's House Bedlam winter party was held at The Olive Garden. We gathered there about 3pm and had a meal of delicious Italian food and just enjoyed chatting with each other.We had 12 people there.

Writing: I wonder how writers seeking to become professional find the time to do all the networking that one ought to do? I never participate in any of the NaNoWriMo online forums because I think that takes time away from writing. If I have to decide between getting into a chatroom or writing another scene in a story, however bad the scene is, I'd rather write the scene. I can't afford the time it takes to read a lot of other people's posts and then reply to them, too. It takes me too long to read things. If I read something now, I am really, really, really interested in it. I don't read for funsies, anymore.

I miss reading for funsies, but...It takes so dang long. I could use audio books, but then, I'm limited by the speed of the reader. I can read more quickly by sight.

Anyway...must quit grousing and go write. The opening scene, with Paul and the Archon of London (an utter bastard) starts now. Whether it will remain the opening scene is uncertain, but at least something will be written.

Why is it that I prefer writing my stories in LJ to writing them in Word? Is it because writing them in Word seems like too much of a commitment, and committing to writing a long work scares me, even though I want to do it?
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Why I Love Book Research

I love book research because it induces me to look at pictures like this.

It is the architect's sketch of the nave of Southwark Cathedral as he conceived it in 1838. The current version of the nave was begun in 1890.

Also, the nave of Gloucester Cathedral.

But, my God, this sketch is just exquisite.
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