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Writing: Above is the new working title for the Paul Graves story. Paul is not the Archon, in case anyone wondered. Paul works for him (It?). I'd have liked for him to have remained living in Upleadon/Newent, but having him and Seth live in Gloucester makes more sense for the story.

I've been looking at maps of Gloucester and now need to learn some of the city's history and things such as where the neighborhoods are, versus the shops and business districts, etc. Paul works at or near the location of St. Mary Lode Church, near St. Mary's Lane and Westgate Road. The street names will be a bit different, as there are no saints in this setting.

I decided to begin the story with Paul getting transferred from London to Gloucester, so the plot will have some impetus to begin. It lacked that in the earlier version.

Looking forward to writing it instead of just talking about it and thinking about it.

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Jump back December 30th, 2008 Go forward