December 3rd, 2008


Mundanities and the Not-So-Mundane

Shopping: My grocery store is selling those little packets of Buddig thinly-sliced meats for 5/$3.00. Not a bad deal. I bought five packets of the Honey Turkey flavor, along with some Buitoni chicken and prosciutto tortellini and some basil pesto.

I also ordered a new computer monitor Monday night from Amazon. It's a 19-inch widescreen that cost $136.00. Also not a bad deal, for a monitor that size that's not refurbished. It's due to arrive tomorrow evening. Our current monitor sometimes has darker-shaded horizontal lines running across the screen, and I figured we might as well get a new one before this one gives out--because I don't want to have to listen to Mark grousing about not being able to work. :P

As we were traveling to Taylor for my grandmother's funeral, we completely avoided the shopping madness of the Friday after Thanksgiving. I would have completely avoided it, anyway, though. I hate shopping when the stores are packed, and everyone is acting like lunatics. I prefer to shop online now.

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