October 23rd, 2008


We Is Friends (In LOLspeak)

Me and You is friends.
You smile; I smile.
You cry; I cry.
You hurt; I hurt.
You jump off a bridge--
I goona miss your emails.

It's an email meme that I've gotten once before, but I still get a giggle from it, and I wanted to save it for posterity here. :)
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PETA Weirdness

PETA is starting a 'Sea Kitten' campaign. Not quite sure what it's for, but the graphic is cute. You get to design your own 'sea kitten.' I found this in caersidi's journal.

I named mine Missy in honor of my character Healer Eduerd of Sable Weyr, who is a grumpy old healer who has a habit of calling women 'Missy' when he respects them and when they just irritate him.

Create Your Own Sea Kitten at peta.org!
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