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Hello! We still have no electricity at home, so I am once again posting from the library near our house. I've been back at work since Tuesday of this week, but I have a lot of work to do there, so posting to LiveJournal from my job is pretty much brief, sporadic stuff.

The estimate for when we will get power keeps getting pushed back. It started out as this past Monday, then slipped to this past Thursday, then to yesterday. I suppose it has been moved to Sunday or later, by now. I have pretty much gotten used to having no electricity, but I do miss having lights, at least.

At work, I still sometimes experience moments of surprise thatwhen I flick a switch out of habit, and the lights actually come on.

Several of my co-workers are still without power. It's nice to know Mark and I are not alone. :)

Good news--The Casa Ole by our house has resumed business, so w can at least get Mexican food. Also, our weekly role-playing game has resumed, so we are gaming tonight. Yea! I've missed gaming. We're celebrating Mark's birthday tonight, so instead of the usual spaghetti, we're having rice and bean burritos with guacamole, chips, and beer of choice. I'm bringing some Tequiza. It's worlds better than Miller Chill.

I've started learning the words to "The Lowest Trees Have Tops" for the NATS singing competition next March, and I am also working on Nadia Boulanger's "Le Couteau." It's a beautiful song. I'm hoping to perform it at our Hallowe'en recital--"Le Couteau" means "The Knife." It's a creepy enough title to work for a Hallowe'en concert.

What is the difference between a concert and a recital, anyway? Is it just the level of professionalism that can be expected from the performers?

Savings: I'll be adding more money to my 401(k) salary withdrawal, this November. I discontinued the money I was taking out of my paycheck for healthcare reimbursemen. I decided I just didn't like the thing. I'd rather put the money toward savings of some kind, instead.

Books: I'm still reading Angela of Foligno's Book. I expect to be working on it for a while; it's a somewhat thick book.

Now a whole lot else is going on. I come home from work in time to eat dinner. After that, it's too dark to do much besides wash dishes, sprawl on the couch for a bit and tl=alk with Mark, then go to bed by flashlight. It's still pretty warm out. The nighttime low temperatures have been in the upper 60's, but it's still warm when I go to bed.

Anyway, that's all I have to report, for now. See you later!

I've been going crazy, wathing to write something, and today, I asked myself, "What if I inserted Seth into the canon version of Deathly Hallows? How would he react? What would he do?"

First off, I think Paul would send Seth there to spy for him. I'm not quite sure in what context; I think Paul just wants to know what is happening at the school; it would alarm him to have Death-Eaters openly there. He'd be worried about student disappearances, worried that Harry, Hermione, and Ron weren't there...He just wouldn't like the situation, at all.

I can imagine Seth being both angry at Snape and bewildered--because murder just wouldn't fit into his concept of Snape. He'd want to know why Snape killed Dumbledore. And, of course, Snape wouldn't give him a straight answer.

That, however, might well convince Seth that more was going on than met the eye.

Ah, well...

My computer time is about up, so I'll have to leave in a few minutes. I'd love to do more with this idea, but I think, for now, it's pretty much just a mental exercise.

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