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Subject: Camera for the blind

This Camera is Cutting Edge

User holding the camera to her forehead
Designer Chueh Lee has designed what may be the worlds first camera for the
blind, the "Touch Sight".

"Touch Sight is a revolutionary digital camera designed for visually
impaired people. Simple features make it easy to use, including a unique
feature which
records sound for three seconds after pressing the shutter button. The user
can then use the sound as reference when reviewing and managing the photos.
Touch Sight does not have an LCD but instead has a lightweight, flexible
Braille display sheet which displays a 3D image by embossing the surface,
the user to touch their photo. The sound file and picture document combine
to become a touchable photo that is saved in the device and can be uploaded
to share with others-and downloaded to other Touch Sight cameras."

One interesting aspect discovered by Chueh in his research is that holding
the camera to the forehead is the optimal position for this device. He
that an instructor who teaches a photography course for the visually
impaired discovered that holding the camera to the forehead, like a third
eye, is
the best way for them to stabilize and aim the camera. The instructor also
found the visually impaired have no problems estimating distances, since
sense of hearing is especially sharp. Every rustle of wind in the trees
catches their attention and can be used to judge distances. Other senses
come into
play as well. The heat of the sun or a lamp in a living room, for example,
signals a direct source of light. They regularly use their non-visual senses
to feel the world and manifest it into a mental photograph."



Not feeling good tonight. My throat has an itermittent burning sensation (like what I imagine heartburn to feel like, but in my throat) and just feels funny. Inhaling Lysol makes it burn and feel swollen. I have this weird cough that I got with the UTI. The UTI is gone, but the cough is still here. I think about eating and then abandon the idea.

I don't want to have to see the darned doctor. *sigh*

Heading to bed now.

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