August 21st, 2008


The Long Wait

I attended an employee training in Austin yesterday and today. The trip over there was fine. The trip a long story.

The Super Shuttle picked up my co-worker Becky and I in time to get us to the airport well before our 2:10pm departure time. We got situated on the plane, and...the pilot came on to announce that, because of bad weather in Houston, both Intercontinental and Hobby airports were not allowing planes to land or take off. So we waited. And we waited. Finally, at 3:44pm, we took off for Houston.

We arrived in Houston at 4:30pm. Becky uses a walker (more about this later), so she was taken off the plane in a wheelchair, and one of the Southwest Airlines staff wheeled Becky to Baggage Claim as I accompanied them. We got to Baggage Claim--

And were told that, because of lightning, the baggage handlers were not permitted to be out on the tarmac. They could not lower the ramps to offload our luggage. So we sat and waited some more.

Finally, around 5:45pm, the luggage for Flight 3338 arrived. I got my bag and luggage trolley, and Becky got her bag. But her walker never showed up. We made inquiries with the Southwest rep at the counter in Baggage Claim. She agreed that, no, she didn't see a walker and said we needed to ask at the Baggage Claim office.

We went to the Baggage Claim office. They explained that, since Becky's walker was taken out of her possession at the gate in Austin, it was offloaced at the gate in Houston. Sure enough, the lady in Baggage Claim called the gate, and yes, Becky's walker was there. They would send someone to bring it to her.

Becky told Mark and me to go on home, that she would wait for them to bring her walker--she really had no other choice; she has bad knees and cannot walk far without it.

By 6:55, they still had not gotten the walker to her.

I'd have been fit to spit nails. I will be waiting to hear the rest of the story at work tomorrow morning.

* * *

Last night, I dreamed about people naming their Dobermann Pinscher puppies Snape. They looked quite adorable, but I doubt Snape would have been amused. (g)

Written RPG: I came up with a new plot arc for Myradin and Tarran Glennis and Tarran's not sure what lady acquaintance Alys. After all, once I resolve Tarran's and Alys' relationship, I can't leave everything all rosy, can I? But I'm considering putting this in its own setting rather than the Imperial Secrets setting.

Recommendation: If you ever need to stay in a hotel, stay in a Doubletree. They make wonderful cookies! And they serve them to you warm at check-in!