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We had Office 2007 training at work today while new computers are being installed in my office. I am using one of the new ergonomic keyboards. I"m not really fond of ergonomic keyboards, but it's not as bad as I was afraid it would be.

I had lunch with a co-worker at a Persion restaurant over on Hillcroft Street. It's in the Middle Eastern section of Houston, where there are all sorts of ethnic Middle Eastern and Indian shops. I found a place called the Sakal Boutique that sells salwar khameez outfits. I was almost tempted to skip lunch and explore that shop.

I am currently waiting for Mark to pick me up from the office we're at today.

And,...he's here. Ciao!

The Olympics: Normally, I am rather dismissive of beach volleyball as an Olympic sport. But today, I must exclaiim:

"Way to go, Georgian women's beach volleyball team, for kicking the Russian team's asses! You rock!"

I don't know if Georgia can win the war, but at least their team won the medal.

The interesting aspect of this is that two women on the team are Brazilian natives who obtained Georgian citizenship so that they would be able to compete in the Olympics. This explains what I would normally consider extremely rude comments about them by the Russian team members. The comments are still rude, but they are at least understandable. These two women got into the Olympics in a somewhat underhanded way.

But I doubt Georgia is complaining, at this moment.

* * *

Also, congratulations to Michael Phelps for his 11 gold medals so far, making him the most decorated Olympian in the history of the modern Games.

I need to find out how the American men's gymnastic team made out against the Chinese and Japanese.

I saw the American team doing some amazing things the other night--single-armed turns on the parallel bars and high bar, and I saw Justin Spring perform three one-armed 360-degree revolutions on the high bar during his routine. Then there was Jonathan Horton's incredible triple-twist dismount and picture-perfect, beautifully balanced, rock-solid landing--with no bounce, whatsoever. I hope someone captured that on YouTube, because it was truly incredible.

The weird and kind of sad thing was, the Chinese team apparently performed better than our guys did--but by the time I saw the Chinese men perform, I was already so used to seeing incredible things done by the American men that the Chinese men's performance seemed about the same, nothing spectactular. When the Japanese men performed on the bars, they did it with an almost ballet-like grace. I am disappointed with myself that I wasn't able to fully appreciate what the Chinese guys were doing.

Meme Shoopage: Nabbed from quietlyurban and musesong:

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