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The Weather Overhead: We've had nothing but rain all day today and some last night. No heavy winds, which was nice. Power was out for a while. Brays' Bayou was pretty full, though. I think another five feet of water, and it would have been up over the banks--which is interesting for a storm that has not produced heavy flooding in our area. They kept saying on the news that this would be a rainmaker, and it has been, but not a terrible one. Apparently, the south side of the storm was the 'dirty' side.

I have much email to catch up on. I hope I'll get a chance to read it tomorrow. or maybe later tonight. I'm feeling kind of tired tonight; I think I'v getting the beginnings of a cold.

I have jury duty tomorrow, and if I'm released at noon, I'll have the rest of the day off--Yea!

I've discovered that there are 'On the Go' packets of Propel water drink mix. I am addicted to the lemon flavor, so I bought two boxes of ten packets each, one for the office and one for home.

Writing: I've discovered that there is a fiction genre called steampunk (as opposed to cyberpunk). The idea is that you write a science fiction story as if your characters were people from the Victorian age, acting as they might in a Jules Verne story. It's a neat concept. Might be a useful setting the the inimitable Mr. Graves.

Mark wants to see Paul paired up with Hermione Weasley, a la The Avengers. I think Paul would rather team up with his wife, Lilith. Sorry, Hermione! No leather cat suit for you!

I'm looking forward to seeing Emma Watson in a historical film she's to be in about a teenaged girl living on St. Helena Island while Napoleon Bonaparte is being held there.

Looking forward to reading the latest Temeraire novel while in the Jury Assembly Room. I wonder if they'll let me sneak in some wasabi-soy almonds? Eh, probably not.

Current Mood: tiredtired

Yea! I'm renewed at Second Life at the $72 rate. I'd heard that they had increased their price to $120. Maybe they grandfather current members in at the previous rate. I'll have to check.

Hope--I am beginning to go through the emails you sent. Yes, they are a lot, but they're fun. :) I'm sorry it's taken me so long.

The headache I had earlier this evening is a little better now. That's a relief. Maybe it just likes all the Propel water I've been drinking.

Current Mood: tiredtired
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