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My Life: I went to the grocery store this evening and bought myself a bottle of the Pantene Classic Clean shampoo, which, it turns out, is the variety I normally use. The version I don't like is their Always Smooth variety. So I washed my hair with the Classic stuff when I got home, and my hair finally feels good now! *is relieved*

I have jury duty this Friday. Joy. This means that all the other folks in the jury pool will have the unmitigated pleasure of enduring my body stench after I walk from the train stop to the Jury Assembly Room. Bleah. I love the warm temperatures, but I don't like needing a shower after only two or three minutes of being out in the heat.

TV: I'm watching the Bones episode tonight that features the Gormogon Master's Master. He's a scary old guy with steel teeth named Arthur Graves. Paul is not pleased. I don't know whether they had planned on Zach being the new apprentice by the time this episode was shot, but there's a lot of hinting at what type of person the new apprentice will have to be.

This episode is one of my favorites because it has Russ' girlfriend's daughter in it--the one with cystic fibrosis. And besides, Zach gets to say "King of the lab!" in it. (g)

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
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