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Work: Have you ever tried using Google Maps to find the distance between two places? It is our standard source that we use for calculating mileage reimbursement at my workplace. Most of the time, it's very good, but every once in a while, it goes wonky.

Today, fir instance, it gave the distance between two places as 15.2 miles. Five minutes later, when I looked up the same mileage (I'd forgotten the earlier figure), it gave me 15.5 miles. When I went back over the travel form to proofread and check it, I noticed the two different mileages.

It is really annoying, because higher-ups quality-check my work on travel, and this stuff goes to Accounting in the state capital. I don't like being off. Not much I can do about it, though. *sighs*

Weight: I weighed myself yesterday, and the scale said 148 lbs. This is six pounds more than I weighed last August. Not good. So I told Mark that I just wanted soup in the evenings now, since I apparently don't get enough exercise during the day to lose the weight. I'd go walking or jogging after work, but it is so infernally hot outside, that it's difficult. It's like a steam bath out there. Heat does weird things to my body, and I have a TMS reason for not wanting to do strenuous exercise out in the heat any distance from a restroom. :P

I've mostly cut out the gaming goodies and stopped eating the Saturday spaghetti dinner. I'm going to have to start eating only salad at restaurants, now--and I hate that. I love restaurant food; I just wish they would serve me about a fourth of what the menu says.

Movie: Tonight, Mark, Tom, and I are going to see the Get Smart movie. I miss Don Adams in the role. The guy playing Maxwell Smart in the movie is too...handsome. A guy who is that good-looking should not be an incompetent twit.

Not a whole lot else going on. Just waiting for 4pm to come. :)

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