June 1st, 2008


Summer Solstice Preparations

Coven: I'm the organizer for my coven's Summer Solstice ritual. I've been researching for it off and on since just before Beltane. Today, I finished the bulk of the planning prep. I've worked out the ritual, posted it to our group mailing list so we can look it over and tweak it if needed. I've bought the quarter-candles and some incense, to add to my existing supplies. I tend not to use a lot of items in my private worship, particularly things which burn. I believe that you should not need a lot of 'things' to practice religion. You should not need anything but your mind--but the pretties are nice to have.

One good thing about practicing Wicca is that a lot of what you need can be bought at the dollar store or at garage sales. I once bought a lovely frosted glass chalice with a deer on it at a garage sale, along with a dark olieve green velour table runner, for use as an altar cloth.

Anyway, it's hot and steamy outside, and after buying a milkshake at Marble Slab, I lugged all of those candles and things across the street and home. I'm tired.

Does anyone know how long those little cones of incense last and how many you put into the thurible at a time? Just one cone or several? I want to burn vanilla and musk, to symbolize the Goddess and the God.

Writing: I wrote a poem about Hecate yesterday that one of the coven members wants to use in our ritual on Aug. 13, which is a feast-day honoring Hecate. I was doing some reading about her and learned that she is the goddess of transitions--and it occurred to me then why she is the Goddess of the Three Ways and of magic, as well as midwifery.

Life is nothing but transitions. Every decision we make is a transition, and decisions about magic and worship are even moreso. For those who believe in practicing magic, there is a point at which you go from having no particular intent about something, to deciding to exert your will toward an accomplishment. Every meeting of three roads is a choice--a forced choice. We cannot possibly just continue on as we have been. We must decide to alter our course; the onlu question is how we will do it.
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