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Someone asked online about Thanksgiving family traditions, and I got depressed when I realized what my family's tradition is, as far as I'm concerned.

It is..."Mom and Grandma are going to get into it, and Dad will get frustrated with Grandma's gradual Alzheimer's. And I will be embarrassed that my husband had to sit through Mom, Dad, and Grandma bickering, and I will long to escape to my in-laws' dinner."

This despite the fact that I prefer my family's cooking to my in-laws' cooking. Go figure!

If my family could just act like my in-laws do, it would make seeing them at Thanksgiving so much more enjoyable.

PS: I LOVE LiveJournal for enabling us to edit comments, now! *does the Snoopy dance*

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I downloaded the Second Life program today. Looks like everything is good, except I need to download updated video drivers. I'm looking into that now.

Viv and Crys--Do you two still use Second Life?

This is about a Pern fandom character whom I named this journal for.

*giggles!* Someone over in Yahoo Answers was asking if we thought House might be Wiccan and if we'd want to be treated by him.

I replied that I suspected House would be an atheist and said I wouldn't want House treating me; I'd rather have my character Aerden treat me--I'd trust him him more.

Aerden will fight tooth and nail for you, but he won't play mind-games. If he doesn't know what's wrong, he'll say so, and he won't send his apprentices to treat you; he'll treat you and deal with your family himself.

Aerden might not have House's 99% succcess rate, but I'll take him over House any day, migraines and all.

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