November 7th, 2007


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NaNoWriMo: tarlia: Thank you for the V-Gift! It's lovely! I'm looking forward to getting my laptop set up with DSL and wireless, but for now I'm using the desktop and storing the draft in Google Docs.

I haven't written much for the last few days; I haven't been feeling well.

Books: I went on a small book buying spree. I discovered that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes now has five books out in the Kiesha'ra series. This is disgraceful; I used to have those puppies on pre-order. I also bought a new book by Oliver Sacks called Musicophilia. It's about the brain and how it processes music.

Food: A co-worker has reminded me how good V8 juice tastes. I love the stuff and drink about 24 ounces of it daily.