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Writing: I have weird conversations with myself on the bus, sometimes.

The Editor: "So tell me, why do you need a telepathic raven in The Twice-Failed Quest?"

The Author: *is startled out of a half-doze* "Huh? What? Oh. Um, because telepathic ravens are cool."

The Editor: "Not good enough. Scrap Varoc."

The Author: "Nope, sorry. Not doing that. I like him, and the wizard likes him. The raven stays."

The Editor: "Tough. You can't explain to me why you need him; the raven goes."

The Author: "It'll come out later in the story, I promise! I just haven't figured things out that far, yet."

The Editor: "Sure, it will."

The Author: "Hey, I figured out the real reason why Paul was in the Death-Eaters for so long, and that was one of the most amazing mental experiences I've ever had. I'll figure this out, too."

The Editor: "I'll believe it when I see it."

The Author: "Look, I really like the idea of Odin's ravens producing a line of intelligent, telepathic offspring, and it would be a useful way to incorporate the idea that magic and mystical powers exist in that world."

The Editor: "But the setting isn't Norse! Why are you even using Odin?"

The Author: "Because he was available and convenient, and he had a couple of ravens. Aren't alternate universes wonderful things?"

The Editor: *groans* "You really annoy me. Go back to sleep. I hope you miss your stop."

The Author: "The raven stays."

Current Music: "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge

Received in email from a co-worker. Specific to Houston. Thsi sounds pretty neat; I'd never heard of it before.

My Hometown Helper is a program through Hamburger Helper, in which a community can request money to benefit certain local projects or causes.

This particular project is to request money to put up audible traffic signals here in Houston that will help pedestrians who are blind to be able to safely cross the intersection. This particular intersection was identified as an area of high need.

All YOU have to do is show your support for the project by going to the website below!

These audible pedestrian signals are really cool - they actually talk to you and tell you which streets are safe to cross, how long you have to cross, and have other features that are a lot more accessible than the outdated kind of audible signals that just have a bell sound. They also change volume based upon the ambient noise (so that they are not blaring loud at 3 AM). :-)

The City already has some money dedicated to put up audible pedestrian signals - but of course there are budget constraints and the City is looking for free money to supplement what they've already dedicated. Free money is good, right?!

So if you would like to see My Hometown Helper support this worthy project, please click on the link here and let them know! Also, please pass this on to your friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Thanks everyone! The link follows:

Audible Traffic Signals - Houston

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