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BTH: Viv--I think my application to play Mandy Brocklehurst was accepted--she's on the 'Unavailable Characters' list. I'm going to email Sara to confirm and then work on her character sheet, if Sara says she's mine. Want to do anything, now that Hogwarts' school year has started up again?

Whine: My nose is all stuffed up, and my right eye hurts.

TV: Bones started on a story arc that looks intriguing, and tonight's House episode had a quite unexpected twist ending amid the usual stupid nonsense that House always pulls.

The cool Louisiana lawyer appeared on Bones. Yea!

They need to keep the janitor on House as a semi-regular. He's great. :)

Politics: Folks--I just use this journal to vent. My political opinions aren't worth the phosphor they're comprised of. Just so you know. I don't do research, and I don't have time to read a lot, anymore. And what I do read is medical or science or SF/F, not political stuff.

That said...Does anybody else feel like rolling their eyes at the fact that the only thing Ahmadinezhad said at Columbia University that seemed to evoke a negative response from the audience was his stand on homosexuality?

Not any outrage about stoning women or having a severe lack of freedom or civil rights over there. Nope, just gays, as if they are the only endangered Iranian population. *sigh*

I'm going to bed now. Even the normally enjoyable noise of Futurama is grating on my ears. Good night!

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