September 23rd, 2007


Hillary Speaks

Politics: I'm afraid I'm going to commit politics in this post. Sorry, but I'm rather ticked off.

Heard from Sen. Hillary Clinton during her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News: "I have always respected and admired Gen. Petraeus."

On September 10, when Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker gave their assessment of the current situation in Iraq to the Senate committee, I remember hearing Sen. Clinton cast aspersions on Petraeus' memory of the facts and/or statistics of progress in fighting Iraqi insurgents.

How is implying that someone is a liar congruent with respect and admiration?

I've been looking forward to maybe having a woman President, of whatever party, but as far as I'm concerned, the time isn't yet right. I want a preseident who can at least be honest about her own beliefs, even if I don't completely agree with them. If she had told Chris Wallace, "I think he's a decent general, but I also think he's lying his ass off about Iraq," I could have respected that, though disagreed with it.


Life: I have a cold and spent most of today in bed. However, Cold-Eeze is great stuff! I think I'd feel a lot sicker than I do if I hadn't taken it.

I did get my pedicure done today, at a place that specializes in nail care and facials, which is located next to a hair salon--they're possibly owned by the same person. The pedicurist did a marvelous job. I left there with my feet feeling like silk. It was astounding.

After the pedicure, I stopped by The Kolache Factory and bought two cream cheese kolaches for breakfast. They were delicious! Lunch was a bowl of won-ton soup and some shrimp toast at Hu's Garden. Mark has made kefte meatballs and cucumber salad for supper. Mmmm....

I think we're both in love with Giada di Laurentiis' cooking. *swoons*
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