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TV: A couple of days ago, I got word from the CO of the USS Courageous that a new player wanted to join the medical department. As I play the CMO, I would be responsible for mentoring, working the new character into posts, and recommending her for promotions, etc. He gave me the new player's name and email, and I wrote to her to introduce myself and welcome her to the medical department and Sickbay.

Turns out that she has five years' experience as an EMT and used to be a huge Emergency! fan, just like I was. I saw the show in its original run; she saw it in the 80's.

We can both still rattle off lines of dialogue about Ringer's lactate D5W, lidocaine drips, and quadrants, etc. We both played Emergency! as kids--she was Paramedic Johnny Gage; I was Nurse Dixie McCall (only because my friend Tommy insisted on playing Dr. Brackett).

I get a silly, stupid grin on my face, every time I think of someone else being every bit as much of an Emergency! dork as I was. :D

See? I did it again!

Now, of course, when I watch the show, I have to giggle at how dated it is. But when I was a kid, that was my favorite show, except for Star Trek and Quincy.

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Jump back September 6th, 2007 Go forward