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Movie: Mark and I saw Sunshine last night. It was a good movie, though some aspects of it reminded me of Silent Running. Fortunately, the one man left standing (as it were) was more likable than Bruce Dern.

Sunshine suffers a great deal from the fact that the crew of the Serenity are not the crew of the Icarus II. Of course, if Malcolm Reynolds had been in command, it would have been a very short movie. (g)

*imagines Mal:* "Let me explain to you all about the chain of command. It is the chain I will BEAT YOU WITH, if you keep forgetting who's in command, here."

(I don't know if that's an actual quote from Firefly or not. I saw it on a website of a guy who had written a highly amusing essay called "Ten Things I Hate about Star Trek.")

Jump back July 28th, 2007 Go forward