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Harry Potter: I'm in the 'Malfoy Manor' chapter now. I stayed up until 11pm reading it. I'll be reading more, this evening. So far, my general thoughts are that this book will be difficult to translate into film. So much of it involves changes which take place over time, action that takes place slowly, over weeks. There's a lot of fruitless searching and going down dead ends in this book, and I know that the passage of time in the movie will have to be condensed a great deal, which I think might diminish the impact of the story.

My Characters' Reactions: Chapter #1 was horrible for Paul. If you were in SPH and read the book, you know why.

I am discovering that Seth finds Harry likable but irritating. Like, "Will you please come up with a logical, coherent plan, and stop haring off on all these tangents? I agree with you on some of what you think, but you don't have any way to verify. You can't just presume you've got it right and move ahead like a torpedo, as if what you think is fact. Gah, Gryffindors drive me crazy!"

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