July 20th, 2007


Apollo Day

Happy Apollo Day, everyone!

Movie: Transformers was an eclectic, vegamatic experience with extremely impressive special effects which must have taken weeks to generate. This movie had better get an Academy award for special effects. Those poor CGI artists deserve some recognition.

The movie was both more and less intelligent than I expected it to be. It was more intelligent in terms of the overall story and less intelligent with some of the individual characters, particularly the government agent wearing Superman underwear. I mean, come on. The military characters were portrayed as professionals, as was the Secretary of Defense. That was a point in its favor. I thought Bush's portrayal was corny, and the afore-mentioned agent could have been played a lot more realistically and still have been a credible antagonist. I think that would have been more consistent with the overall more-intelligent-than-expected story.

Can you tell that I don't watch much children's animated television? (g) I see trailers for some of the kids' stuff on the Cartoon Network, and I think it's gone way downhill from the way it was when I was a kid. The cartoons are very hyper, now, with a lot of high-pitched, excitable shouting and dashing about. I remember Bugs Bunny and even the Jetsons and the Flintstones as being more meditative or at least slower-paced. Same with the Superfriends. The characters didn't all act as if they had drunk way too much coffee with way too much sugar.

USS Nightraven: The Nightraven is doing well and now has its first recruited member. Yea! Obviously, the recruitment effort continues.
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