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It's hot outside. My office is hot. Everywhere is hot. *sigh* Oh, the joys of living in Texas along the Gulf Coast.

Work: I've spent today doing a lot of catch-up work, which is good. I'm slowly cleaning the work off my desk, and I'll be ready to file tomorrow.

The consumers and their families are coming to us with shopping lists for pricy items. Unfortunately for them, August is the last month in our fiscal year, and we're not buying anything expensive, at the moment.

What part of, "We can't afford the item you want." do they not understand?

Movie: We're still planning to see Order of the Phoenix tomorrow. I'll be asking to leave half an hour ealy, so we can reach the theater in good time.

Ascot, the Seeing Eye dog belonging to one of our Children's Program caseworkers, is a sweetie. :) We all adore him, and he knows it!

Current Location: At the switchboard
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