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Not much going on today. I wrote a couple of posts for the USS Courageous. The last USS Merlin post was one that I wrote, so I'm waiting for activity there.

I joined the sane_potter community today and have enjoyed reading some of their past posts, particularly the ones about Snape. I even replied to an old post about Snape theories. I make a couple of presumptions, presuming that Dumbledor assessed Snape via legilimency regarding his true feelings about the DE. I'm of two minds about Dumbledore doing that. On one hand, it indicates a certain lack of trust. On the other hand, if I were Dumbledore, I'd want to be absolutely sure of Snape's loyalties before I admitted him into the Order or took his word that he truly wanted to leave the Death-Eaters.

Aside from that, we're celebrating Mark's father's birthday today by going to eat at a retaurant called Mambo's.

Edit: Turns out, we didn't go to Mambo's, after all; we went to the Texas Roadhouse, instead. I had their portabella mushroom chicken, which was delicious! Afterward, we went to my sister-in-law Janet's home, where we had cake and ice cream and watched a videotape of our nephew Julian performing in a summer camp production of Seussical. During the course of a week, the kids at that camp learned about four songs and quite a bit of dialogue. Julian played the Cat in the Hat. :)

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