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Sorry for the unimaginative post title; I'm not feeling terribly imaginative today.

Gaming: I did at least work out which monastic order my next gaming character will belong to, so that was good. Now I can work on his character write-up. Now, to decide how one becomes a member of the Prelate's Own...

Yes, I am feeling really shallow and brainless tonight.

Random Thought: I saw a picture of a girl--I think it was Lindsay Lohan as a child--and I got to thinking that it is a real shame that some people bacome famous. Lindsay (if it was she) looked like a totally adorable little girl, and now, she's gotten too much money and fame too fast, and it's turning her into a druggie wastoid. That would tear me up inside, if I were her mother.

I pray, if I ever become a mother, that our kids never, ever become addicted to drugs. I think there is nothing that destroys a fine person faster or more thoroughly than illegal drugs. I see it on Dog every Tuesday night, and it is heartbreaking.

Work: One of my two caseworkers has given her notice and is going to become the Director of Volunteer activities at an assisted living facility near her home. She had told me she was looking elsewhere, but I didn't expect her to be leaving that fast!

Consequently, I was quite busy today. It was good. Unfortunately, I made an error on her travel. *sigh* I have been working at my office for two years now, and I am still making errors on the travel. It infuriates me. I'm going to take the Travel portion of our procedural manual home this weekend and pore over it. I might just pore over it for several weekends, until I have it memorized, if that's what it takes.

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