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LJ: Test: Dragon name blue Dipnith

If you've noticed that you cannot type the letters d-p-n-i as a character string (without dashes) on LJ, here's the reason why.

Writing: I've spent much of today writing--some Trek, but mostly a couple of fantasy stories I'm working on, including the one with my Victorian vampires.

I am amazed at the quantity of stuff I have deleted from my own writing journals. I deleted an entire story thread from one journal. Granted, that story was really, really bad, but I am still stunned to realize that I got rid of the entire thing. All I have is the notes for it. Why I kept my notes and not the story, I don't understand. I hae to say, though, I'm rather glad that story is gone.

I also deleted the latter parts of my Victorian vampire story, which pisses me off. Yes, I do remember deciding that I didn't want to go in that direction with the story, but geeze! Why did I have to delete so much of it? It wasn't bad; just not what I wanted.

Current Mood: contemplativeintrigued
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