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RPG: I realized something just now about a plot item I created for Two Alleys RPG. The item is a Dark Arts book called Le Livre de Sangre.

I've realized that the person who wrote the book is not the person who turned it into an artifact with a personality. The Livre's author was a Dark Arts wizard of the blackest dye. The artifact creator was a scientist-aka-'alchemist' who was working with biochemistry, not metals.

Now I know how and why the book came into Paul's hands.

I love it when a plot piece falls into place! This makes several things a lot clearer to me, now. What I thought was happening to Paul is not actually what was happening to him.

Heh-heh... *goes off to write*

Memage: Swiped from padfoot_uk.

Go to Google and type, in quotation marks, "(Yourname) likes". Copy and paste the first ten results you get into your journal.

Chantal Likes...Collapse )

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My ravenclaw_auror journal has been spammed twice, so I've set it and ta_paulgraves to accepting comments only from friends. I hope no one else in TA has had this problem. Very annoying.

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