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Anniversary Planning: I bought our airline tickets. Now, I just have to see if we can get space at the bed and breakfast we want to stay in.

Movie: We saw Shrek III last night. Sort of a fractured fairy tale featuring Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Guinevere, Lancelot, and Arthur Pendragon--along with Prince Charming and a cast of thousands, of course. :)

Rapunzel can sing. She has a much better voice than Snow White, in my opinion.

It is fascinating to me that Julie Andrews seems to be our Western cultural/iconic concept of queenliness--she's played at least two queens, already. Take away politics, and Julie Andrews is what we think a queen should be--a leader, but kind, gracious, and able to exude regalness without ever being haughty. She is Everyman's Queen. I think that's pretty neat.

Yep, I propose that we should just put Jeremy Irons and Julie Andrews in charge of the world. They know how to do it right.(g)

Edit: Weird. The link to my 'Jeremy Irons Plays the Perfect Man' post is inaccessible at the moment. I wonder why?

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