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Work: I am whupped. I've spent all freakin' day working on a travel voucher for a month-long training--looking up addresses and then proofreading everything to ensure that it's correct. I wished the workday was over by noon.

I thought half the reason for my feeling that way was imminent Menstrual Zombieness, but my period hasn't started yet--which is weird, as I had all the symptoms--headache, queasiness, drowsiness. Weird.

RPG: I'm resuming activity in the USS Odyssey and the USS Courageous. Looking forward to it, as long as I can keep up.

Writing: miseri--I will reply to you on Friday, probably. Very interesting challenge you gave me!

Food: Mark made wonderful fried chicken tonight. He used a recipe of Emeril's, in which you soak the chicken in a mixture of honey and buttermilk, then dredge it in flour and deep-fry it. The chicken turned out very moist!

Jump back April 2nd, 2007 Go forward